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    BREITBART EXCLUSIVE. ONE HOUR of video documenting Google’s leadership team reacting to the election @realDonaldTrump Sergey Brin says he is “deeply offended” by result. Execs discuss thwarting populist movement, “low information voters.” AND MORE:https://t.co/4DoTgOgb2w — Allum Bokhari (@LibertarianBlue) September 12, 2018 umm… WOW. Breitbart just dropped video of a full TGIF (Google’s confidential company-wide meeting) […]

  • UK foreign minister attacks Google over ‘child abuse content’ https://t.co/UDGtE0Ryel pic.twitter.com/DPAh9ExB3b — Reuters Tech News (@ReutersTech) August 31, 2018 Matéria completa na fonte :: http://www.direitodainformatica.com.br/?p=2257       

  • Orrin Hatch Asks FTC To Investigate Google For Antitrust Violations https://t.co/Yyx7GpCS78 pic.twitter.com/NBXBC8B6cj — The Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) August 31, 2018 Matéria completa na fonte :: http://www.direitodainformatica.com.br/?p=2255       

  • The foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt has accused Google of hypocrisy for agreeing to censor content in China while failing to remove child abuse material https://t.co/XGiL5xWQ0B pic.twitter.com/noS6y9Y4Ea — The Times of London (@thetimes) August 31, 2018 Matéria completa na fonte :: http://www.direitodainformatica.com.br/?p=2253       

  • Hey Google: Patenting an algorithm that’s in the public domain by applying it to a specific application is not just a misuse of the patent system, it’s overriding an inventor who made his work available for all to use. https://t.co/rFIDqtBDo0 — EFF (@EFF) August 31, 2018 Matéria completa na fonte :: http://www.direitodainformatica.com.br/?p=2251       

  • It may be a coincidence that Google basically dropped the old “Don’t Be Evil” motto from its code of conduct a few months ago — but there are probably too many opportunities in China for it to keep ignoring. $GOOGL $GOOG https://t.co/zyMuD1doQO — The Motley Fool (@themotleyfool) August 31, 2018 Matéria completa na fonte :: […]

  • Google’s secret deal with Mastercard allows it to track user shopping habits offline. Not disclosed to the public. The revelation has raised questions about how much data Google is quietly harvesting without user knowledge. https://t.co/ZiexmnADFZ — Paulo Sa Elias (@paulosaelias) August 31, 2018 Matéria completa na fonte :: http://www.direitodainformatica.com.br/?p=2247       

  • A huge scandal: Google and Mastercard secret partnership

    Google paid MasterCard “millions of dollars” as part of a secret partnership which gave it “unprecedented” access to anonymized credit card transaction data. The move could raise broader privacy concerns. https://t.co/gjOfBNyx8g — Steve Kopack (@SteveKopack) August 31, 2018 Matéria completa na fonte :: http://www.direitodainformatica.com.br/?p=2244       

  • #StopTheBias

    #StopTheBias pic.twitter.com/xqz599iQZw — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 29, 2018 Matéria completa na fonte :: http://www.direitodainformatica.com.br/?p=2242       

  • World: Horrified at ethical violations at Silicon Valley (society is only beginning to understand).

    “The blood has reached the river in Silicon Valley. No longer are we amazed at the incredible growth of these fast-paced startups that promised to disrupt our world, but horrified at ethical violations that society is only beginning to understand.” https://t.co/IKuUQLKez8 — Paulo Sa Elias (@paulosaelias) August 23, 2018 Matéria completa na fonte :: http://www.direitodainformatica.com.br/?p=2234 […]